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Information about your studies

2015.10.23 | Education

Are you among those who need to register for the spring courses and exams 1-10 November?

Whether you will automatically be registered for courses or need to register yourself depends on when you have been admitted to your study program as well as whether the course is a compulsory or non-compulsory element.

2015.10.29 | Education

Updates to AU access card databases – your card might need an update

Right after the autumn break, AU began updating the access control system for buildings on Aarhus Campus, at Moesgaard and in Foulum. The process will continue until early 2016. Unfortunately, this means that the access cards of some employees and students will stop working properly.

2015.10.22 | Education

It's election time at AU!

On 23 - 26 November, Aarhus University employees and students will elect representatives to the university’s various councils, boards and committees.

2015.10.08 | Education

Late registration for eksams

If you need to register or change your registration outside the official registration period, you must apply for an exemption.

2015.10.02 | Education

Approval of subjects from other programmes

If you are planning to replace a subject in your degree programme by a subject from another degree programme, you need an approval. The deadline for application for subjects in spring 2016 is 15 Octobre 2015

2015.10.01 | Education

Are you familiar with the rules on cheating at exams?

The definition of cheating at exams has just been tightened up. Do you understand the rules? And do you know what the consequences of cheating at exams are if you cheat unintentionally because you’re not familiar with the rules? Take the new quiz and find out!

2015.08.25 | Education

AV equipment in lecture theatres in Aarhus will be upgraded and classes will be relocated

This autumn, the AV equipment in 29 lecture theatres will be upgraded to ensure modern, reliable and user-friendly equipment for teaching.

2015.08.21 | Education

A variety of IT systems and IT services will be unavailable on 5–6 September

From Saturday 5 September at 6 pm till Sunday 6 September at 2 pm, a variety of IT systems and IT services will be maintained and optimised and it is necessary to put them out of operation shortly. As a rule, you cannot carry out work where you need the university’s IT in this time span.

2015.08.20 | Education

Change of the wireless network in Emdrup

Wednesday, August 19, 2015 the wireless networks ADMDPUNET and DPU will be closed. Students and employees must use the wireless network Eduroam instead.

2015.07.01 | Education

Remember to check your e-boks

Soon Aarhus University will no longer send postal mail containing sensitive personal information. From 1 July 2015, the Danish Students' Grants and Loans Scheme Office at AU will send all mail containing sensitive personal information directly to your e-Boks.

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