2019.02.01 | Education

Change of classes February 1-15

If your courses are divided into classes, you will be assigned to a class automatically. If you need to change to another class at the same course, you can ask to do this in the period 1-15 February.

2019.01.31 | Students

Seminar: How do we create a more sustainable AU?

Would you like to contribute to developing sustainable initiatives at AU? Join us for a sustainability seminar 21 March. The programme includes inspirational talks, a short presentation of existing sustainable solutions at AU as well as a brainstorm session on ideas for new sustainable solutions. All interested employees and students are welcome.

2019.01.22 | Education

15 February is the deadline for applying for a ITTU

If you are planning to spend a semester abroad as a part of a self-designed supplementary subject abroad (ITTU), 15 February is the application deadline for a ITTU and prior approval of courses abroad for the next academic year. If you have any questions in relation to ITTU, please contact the Arts Study Centre.

2018.12.18 | Students

The dean’s Christmas message 2018

Johnny Laursen looks back at 2018 and hopes that all students and staff at the Faculty of Arts have a Happy Christmas.

2018.12.11 | Education

Registration for re-exam

If you don't pass the ordinary exam, you can register for the re-examination that takes place immediately afterwards. Please be aware, that the deadline for registration is short. You can find more the deadlines for registration at the exam timetable pages.

2018.12.05 | Students

Free Skype for Business for students

Are you studying in Seville or San Diego, and do you need to have a meeting with your supervisor? Or does your study group need to hold online meetings? Now you can use Skype for Business for free.

2018.11.22 | Education

Exam timetables

Remember that you find your exam plan - for ordinary exams as well as for re-examination - on the exam timetable pages.

2018.11.22 | Education

Application deadline for exchange agreements 1 December

Are you planning to go on exchanges through AU's agreements in the fall semester 2019? Then you must be aware that you need to submit your application for AU GO no later than December 1.

2018.10.19 | Education

Do you need a study space for your thesis writing proces in the spring 2019?

If you are going to write your Master's thesis in the spring of 2018, you have the opportunity to apply for a study space/student office.

2018.10.11 | Education

University elections – your vote counts

In the period 12–15 November, all students will once again be electing representatives to the numerous councils, boards and committees at the university. If you are interested in standing for election, now is the time to get involved. You can also make a difference by voting for the candidate who you think is best qualified to make a difference…

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