Change of class? Apply before 15 February

If there are special circumstances and if there is room in the class, you can ask to change to another class on your course.

2020.02.06 | Lisbeth Hartmann

If your courses are divided into classes, you will be assigned to a class automatically.

You have the possibility to ask for a change of class if:

  • you consider that there are special circumstances that necessitate it
  • there is room in the class in question

Please note that you can only change to another class on the same course – you cannot change from one topic or elective course to another.

You can ask to change in these periods:

  • 1-15 September
  • 1-15 February

Please contact Study Centre Arts by e-mail - state your name, student registration number, the class you are in now and the class you would like to change to.