Keep an eye on your "E-boks"

Letters will no longer be sent to you by the old-fashioned postal system. From 1 February 2016, Arts Studies Administration will be communicating by digital mail only.

2016.02.02 | Eva Husted Dalsgaard

Letters previously sent by post, will in the future be sent to you as digital mail through the “e-Boks” system.

This means that all communication from Arts Studies Administration to students now happens by digital means only.

Please note, that there are no changes regarding BlackBoard, Study Portal and AU e-mail.

e-Boks is for everyone

e-Boks is linked to your Danish personal registration number. 

You are legally obliged to ensure that you can receive digital mail from all official sources, including the university, and it is your responsibility to keep an eye on your “e-Boks”.

Once you have confirmed your email address in the “e-Boks” system, you will automatically receive an email every time you get a new digital mail.