Case Competition week 18 2020

STAY RELEVANT / Case Competition

This is your chance to apply your academic expertise to work with internal communication,

digital communication and communication within the field of sustainability

  • A collaborative project between Ringkøbing Skjern Business Council  and Aarhus University

Using your academic expertise in practice

You are one of many students from the IVK department who will be meeting virtually on Monday 27 April, Wednesday 29 April and Thursday 30 April. In partnership with your fellow students, you will be using your academic expertise to find solutions to problems facing a variety of companies.

You and the other participants will be divided into groups. On Monday 27 April you will be introduced to a working method called “design thinking” by Lasse Chor from Happy 42. Wednesday and Thursday you will be given the chance to work on a specific problem and we will end the case-competition with each group pitching their solution to a panel of judges. 

Taking part in this case competition is a good idea because:

  • It will give you the chance to develop your skills in relation to working with design processes
  • You’ll get the chance to pitch some good ideas and show potential employers what you can do
  • It’s a good platform for using your theoretical knowledge to solve practical problems
  • You’ll learn more about business life and gain insight into strategic design thinking
  • It will look good on your CV

Designmentor Lasse Chor

Lasse Chor is a Danish entrepreneur who started his first company at the age of 13, and has since then been heavily involved in the Danish and global entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Through his current company Happy42 Lasse is currently mentor for a number of startups around the world, and advisor to a handful of large corporations including some Fortune 500 companies.

Lately Lasse also turned his attention to investments and he’s currently active as a private angel investor.

Bonus info is that Lasse’s mom thinks that he’s is the best son in the world.

Judging panel

Learning objectives

Participation in the Stay Relevant Case Competition will enable students to:


  • Demonstrate understanding of the ways in which theoretical knowledge from their degree programmes can be communicated and used in relation to a relevant labour market


  • Give presentations by making pitches
  • Independently communicate the relevance of academic theories and methods in relation to the labour market
  • Use their own academic expertise to solve problems which are relevant for the labour market


  • Independently adapt their academic skills for use in society as a whole
  • Take part in development work in a constructive manner

[Translate to English:] Aarhus: Program 27., 29. og 30. april 2020

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Monday April 27th 2020

09:00Introduction to designthinking, case work and pitch  (Live og Live-on-tape) / Lasse Chor        

Wednesday April 29th 2020

09:00Introduction to the region of Ringkøbing Skjern  (link to presentation)                            
09:30Start case-work (Live og Live-on-tape) /Lasse Chor


Business (phonenumber sheet)
Lasse Chor  ( og 26544153)
Trine Susanne Johansen 
Carmen Daniela Maier (only mail)
Marianne Grove Ditlevsen 
Mona Agerholm Andersen    

12:00During the day: Small competitions and awards 



Check-in / Lasse Chor


Thursday April 30st 2020

09:30Deadline: Upload of presentation in Black Board
10:00Judging comittee evaluating
15:30Short statement from the judges (Live)
15:45Announcement of the winners from 8 categories / Lasse Chor
16:00Announcement of winner: 1st prize, audienceprize and WTF-prize / Lasse Chor

Competition prizes

  • First Price
  • WTF-Award
  • Audience Award


The companies taking part have the right of ownership of all rights, inventions, production methods and other technical advances arising in connection with the case competition. The transfer of rights to the companies taking part occurs automatically and continuously as these rights arise.

The students are entitled to use products and material deriving from the case competition in contexts relating to exams and teaching at Aarhus University. The students are entitled to present their results of the case competition (also when applying for jobs) to the extent that this does not lead to the subsequent use of such results in breach of the rights that have been transferred to the company concerned. Students may only use products and material arising from the case competition in other contexts subject to a separate written agreement with the company concerned.

Contacts Wednesday April 29th

Teaching staff



Intern kommunikation

Digital kommunikation

Bæredygtigheds- og miljøkommunikation

10.30 – 12.00

MGD via Zoom/Blackboard

TSJ via Zoom/Blackboard

CDM pr. mail (

13.30 – 15.00

MA via Zoom/Blackboard

TSJ via Zoom/Blackboard

CDM pr. mail


Contact to companies

10.00 – 15.30

Contacts in  casefile

Lasse Chor

10.00 – 16.00

Via Zoom/Blackboard



Nina Theile Zeiss tel: 2099 6745

Katrine Solvang tel: 4087 3919 mail:

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