Show your skills and get the job – how to write an effective CV & coverletter

Get useful tips and tricks for you CV and Coverletter.

2020.09.04 | Arts Karriere

Date Tue 29 Sep
Time 15:15 16:30
Location Webinar, Zoom

Get useful tips and tricks, when Aarhus BSS Career and CA host the webinar ’Show your skills’.

This events is in English and targeted international students.

You are welcome as a student from Arts.

The webinar will give you:

  • Inspiration to highlight your experience and competences in your CV and cover letter.
  • A sneak peak into cover letters that led to a job interview.
  • Usable templates who makes it easier to target your CV and cover letter to the receiver.

Note: The webinar will not be recorded, so make sure to take some notes.

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