This is your chance to apply your academic expertise to the field of strategic business development with a view to helping companies to stay relevant for their customers and partners.  

  • A collaboration between Silkeborg Municipality and Aarhus University

Using your academic expertise in practice

You are one of many students from the Faculty of Arts who will be meeting on Monday 11 October and Tuesday 12 October in Aarhus. In partnership with your fellow students, you will be using your academic expertise to find solutions to problems facing a variety of companies.

In Aarhus you and the other participants will be divided into groups of up to five people. On Monday 11 October you will be introduced to a working method called “design thinking” by Lasse Chor from Happy 42 – After the presentation the cases will be given to the groups, for the preparation to begin. The next day (12 October), you will be taken by coach to Silkeborg, where you will be given the chance to work on a specific problem. Each group will then be asked to pitch their solution.

Taking part in this case competition is a good idea because:

  • It will give you the chance to develop your skills in relation to working with design processes
  • You’ll get the chance to pitch some good ideas and show potential employers what you can do
  • It’s a good platform for using your theoretical knowledge to solve practical problems
  • You’ll learn more about business life and gain insight into strategic design thinking
  • It will look good on your CV

Aarhus: Program 11 and 12 October 2021

11. October

9.00 - 11.00

Introduction to designthinking, working on cases and pitch

by Lasse Chor, Happy 42

Venue: Stakladen, building 1423 -  Fredrik Nielsens Vej 2, 8000 Aarhus C

See slides from presentation -

After the presentation the groups will recieve the cases to start research and generating ideas.

12. October


Departure with bus from Aarhus Universitet:

Venue: Langelandsgade 139, building 1580 (Kasernen), parking lot

Meeting place Silkeborg: Bindslevs Plads 17, 8600 Silkeborg 

09.00 - 9.30Welcome and breakfast, motivation talk og presentation of cases. by Lasse Chor, Happy 42
9.30 - 12.30Working on cases
12.30 - 13.00Lunch break
13.00 - 16.00Working on cases  - send your slides/pitch to - remember to name the file with groupnumber and the name of the company.  

Coffee/Tea and cake

16.30- 18.00Parallel pitch-sessions - selection of five finalists
18.00Dinner and networking
19.05Pitch - five finalist
19.30Audience voting and Award Ceremony
20.00The bus returns to Aarhus

Cases and groups

Find Your group and download Your case here:

CourseGruppePitch VenueNameCase

Vanhoof Merel

Yermolovich Andrej

Jacobs Alexander

Bernard Geuns

Jilly Bekkers 

Handel Silkeborg
Food Culture2A

Wing Audrey Chow

Rafal Prus

Julia Rosengren

Vilde Barmen 

Handel Silkeborg
Food Culture3A

Chiara Erler

Renske Rosalie Kalmeijer

Rio Suzuki

Wu Leo Zixiong  

Handel Silkeborg
Food Culture4A

Maika Sato

Chiara Weidel

Noga Kril

Vincent Spierings  

Handel Silkeborg
Food Culture5A

Nadine Jongeling

Milena Cholozynska

Kohsuke Ashida

Salome Wedemeyer

Ruyu Li  

Handel Silkeborg
Food Culture6A

Lucas O´Shea Harrington

Naoto Sasao

Noam Sidi

Minna McNulty

Thea Bru 

Handel Silkeborg

Nina Caroline Høj Illum

Laura Skauge Hartelius

Erik Bøye Davidsen

Christian Beck Bennetsen 

Museum Jorn

Amalie Steinmeier

Amalie M. V. Jensen

Nicoline Lisby

Thomas Armour 

Museum Jorn

Anna Johansen

Chen Jiqing

Andreas Løager Jensen

Niels Kærsgaard Andersen 

Museum Jorn

Mira Bella Dyring Morsø

Fie Bach Nielsen

Alicja Brylska

Ellen Marie Løjmand Mark 

Museum Jorn

Anne Nielsen

Theodor Grønbæk Erlykke

Kristina Meyer Jessing

Kadja Hansen 

Museum Jorn

Rasmus Allentoft Larsen

Anne Ellehauge

Morten Friis Andersen

Mathilde Brogaard Pedersen  

Museum Jorn

Amalie Søvndal Nielsen

Laura Kristiansen Schulz

Anders Emil Hjorth 

Museum Jorn

Hannah Brøndahl

Lærke J Larsen

Lærke Damgaard

Nathalia Marc

Outdoor Institute

Hum. org.


Nicoline Schmidt

Amanda Norrbohm

Signe Drejer

Simon Tørnkvist

Klara Casparij

Outdoor Institute
Hum. org.  16C

Helle Skjøth Sørensen

Michelle Snog Sørensen

Thomas Balle

Emma Bager

Magnus Bak Nielsen 

Outdoor Institute
Hum. org.  17C

Maria Phan

Helle Höegfeldt Andersen

Oliver Brinkmann Kristensen

Line Bjerg Iversen

Olivia Peray 

Outdoor Institute


Helena Sommer Christiansen

Kani Hossian

Mette Kristensen

Isabella Sjøstedt  

Outdoor Institute

MotPax  19C

Pernille Damgaard-Jacobsen

Karina Nygaard Jakobsen

Simone Nørregaard Kristensen

Anne-Lise Jepsen

Marie Kjær Mikkelsen  

Outdoor Institute

Andrine Brorson

Tarjei Brekke 

Sweco Architects
Hum. Org.21D

Agnete Gjese

Nicolai Bech Christensen

Lasse Amstrup

Julie Svinth Nielsen 

Sweco Architects
Hum. org. 22D

Stine Mygind

Anders Reimer

Ida Lindskrog Kromann

Caroline Pold Pedersen

Zubeida Abdi

Sweco Architects
Hum. org.  23D

Jane Clausen

Emil Knutz

Anne Rathcke Simonsen

Marie Poulsen

Mats Wierzba

Sweco Architects
Hum. org.  24D

Røskva Søndergaard Nielsen

Jakob Markussen

Anna Holmark

Christina Dam Jacobsen

Sofie Maagaard

Sweco Architects
Hum. org.  25D

Freya Viskum Madsen

Jonas Dybdahl Andersen

Amalie Vestergaard

Ulrikke Pilemand

Clara Bakke Stephansen

Sweco Architects
Hum. org.  26D

Andrea Munksgaard

Laura Felsted Rasmussen

Anne Bay Jensen

Rikke Kamstrup

Sophie Winberg

Sweco Architects
MotPax  27E

Christoffer Koch Andersen

Line Svendstrup Gjersing

Laura Høj Jørgensen

Suhuur Mohamed

Silkeborg IF
MotPax  28E

Johanna Iversen Båge

Caroline Bayer Jørgensen

Johan Mosbæk Nielsen

Qazallah Negin Ravand

Silkeborg IF
MotPax  29E

Kathrine Lomholt Bahnsen

Frederik Heinfelt

Pernille Juhl

Rasmus Emil Nyholm

Silkeborg IF
MotPax  30E

Frederikke Bæklund Bahnsen

Lea Søndergård Hem

Julie Hjortshøj Knudsen

Nora Lykke Lis Plovmand Pedersen

Silkeborg IF
MotPax  31E

Julie Caroline Raarup Birk

Emilie Krogager Hensen

Signe-Marie Pladsbjerg Knudsen

Cecilie Hovgaard Raakjær

Silkeborg IF

MotPax  32E

Nadja Christensen

Maja Fredsø Horup

Christina Korsgaard

Laura Jagd Ellerbæk

Silkeborg IF

Designmentor Lasse Chor

Lasse Chor is a Danish entrepreneur who started his first company at the age of 13, and has since then been heavily involved in the Danish and global entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Through his current company Happy42 Lasse is currently mentor for a number of startups around the world, and advisor to a handful of large corporations including some Fortune 500 companies.

Lately Lasse also turned his attention to investments and he’s currently active as a private angel investor.

Bonus info is that Lasse’s mom thinks that he’s is the best son in the world.

Judging panel

  • Tessa Salling; senior consultant, Business Silkeborg 
    • Gregers Pilgaard, Chief of Innovations, Silkeborg Municipality
    • Unni From, Deputy head of School, School of Communication and Culture, Aarhus University 

Learning objectives

Participation in the Stay Relevant Case Competition will enable students to:


  • Demonstrate understanding of the ways in which theoretical knowledge from their degree programmes can be communicated and used in relation to a relevant labour market


  • Give presentations by making pitches
  • Independently communicate the relevance of academic theories and methods in relation to the labour market
  • Use their own academic expertise to solve problems which are relevant for the labour market


  • Independently adapt their academic skills for use in society as a whole
  • Take part in development work in a constructive manner

Food and refreshments

Food and refreshments will be served all day October 12th in Silkeborg. 

Competition prizes

  • First Price
  • WTF-Award
  • Audience Award


The companies taking part have the right of ownership of all rights, inventions, production methods and other technical advances arising in connection with the case competition. The transfer of rights to the companies taking part occurs automatically and continuously as these rights arise.

The students are entitled to use products and material deriving from the case competition in contexts relating to exams and teaching at Aarhus University. The students are entitled to present their results of the case competition (also when applying for jobs) to the extent that this does not lead to the subsequent use of such results in breach of the rights that have been transferred to the company concerned. Students may only use products and material arising from the case competition in other contexts subject to a separate written agreement with the company concerned.