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Student wellbeing during the corona pandemic

The Faculty of Arts wants to inject new life into its student clubs and societies. The aim is to help ensure student wellbeing not only now, but also after the pandemic. The faculty has appointed a wellbeing coordinator who will work with the students to give these activities a boost.

Corona is putting a damper on all kinds of social activities at the moment. And unfortunately, this includes the clubs and societies run by the students at the Faculty of Arts. The faculty has decided to make a special effort to keep all these activities going, explains the dean, Johnny Laursen:

“At the Faculty of Arts we give very high priority to student wellbeing. And towards the end of 2020 we realised that we needed to do even more in this area. The students cannot meet physically at the moment, and our academic and social clubs and societies are all closed as well.”

The faculty has appointed a new wellbeing coordinator: Amanda Krogsgaard Timmermann. She graduated in media studies in the summer of 2020, and has been an active member of many student organisations. 

She has been appointed on a fixed-term basis, and the job includes giving the students useful information and tips about how to carry out academic and social activities either online or in other ways that comply with the current corona restrictions.

Dedicated focus on wellbeing
In her own words, Timmermann has a dedicated focus on wellbeing.

“Corona has taught us that a sense of community is an important factor in social wellbeing – particularly for young people. This is one of the reasons why it is important to work with all the many student clubs and societies at the faculty to keep the student environment alive and kicking. In combination with all the efforts that are already being made by our student counsellors, the new initiatives will help not only students who are actually unhappy, but also students who simply miss their friends and study activities,” she explains.

Initially, the task of the wellbeing coordinator involves listening to the ideas of the students and then finding possible ways of complying with them. She will then work with the students to launch initiatives to promote wellbeing and facilitate dialogue, collaboration and networks betwen the students.

Keeping our clubs and societies alive
Johnny Laursen explains that one of the main goals is to equip student clubs and societies to meet the future. If our student clubs and societies die now, there is a risk that they may never come back to life again.

“The initiatives we’re launching now, coordinated by Amanda, will help to ensure the wellbeing of our students during a period in which it is impossible for them to meet each other as usual. But these initiatives should also ensure that our clubs and societies survive in a post-corona world, helping to support the rich social and academic activities which are such an important part of university life,” says Laursen.


Amanda Krogsgaard Timmermann

Johnny Laursen