Information from the Vice-dean in connection with the reopening of the university

On Friday 9 April, Vice-Dean Niels Lehmann informed the students at the faculty of Arts about the reopening and the opportunity for attendance on campus.

2021.04.12 | Karoline Munk Hansen

Dear students at the Faculty of Arts,

We are now ready to launch the cautious plan to reopen the university that I mentioned before Easter. We will only be reopening a small proportion of our teaching, so I’m afraid the plan will not cover all our students by any means.

The plan will start gradually in weeks 15 and 16 (12-23 April), depending on what can be achieved for the courses in question. We have prioritised the following courses: the first year of BA degree programmes and MA degree programmes that are not based on previous BA degree programmes, and a number of courses which contain a significant amount of practical work. All the students affected by this plan to reopen the university will be informed directly via Blackboard. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the head of your department.

We are also going to allow a small number of students – particularly students writing their thesis – to use the facilities on campus for study purposes. There’s a very firm upper limit to the number of students we’re allowed to admit to campus, so unfortunately I can’t promise that we can comply with all your wishes. It’s a big challenge to get all our premises ready to reopen, so at first there may be a few teething problems. On Monday you will be informed about how to book rooms on campus.

Some of our study spaces are located in the library, which is subject to different demands than the university as a whole. The library isn’t planned to reopen until 21 April, so study spaces here won’t be available until then.

You must not come to campus without proof of a negative corona test which is no more than 72 hours old, unless you are exempt from this requirement under the national guidelines. This applies to all visits to campus, no matter what their purpose. And random sampling will be carried out to check that people are complying with this requirement.

We have given priority to finalising a plan for reopening the university. So we can’t give you any final details about the format of your exams until next week.

But whether you are allowed to come to campus or not, I sincerely hope that you enjoy the rest of this semester.


Best wishes,

Niels Lehmann

Vice-dean for education