New email policy for Arts Studies Administration

On 25 May, the new EU General Data Protection Regulation will enter into force. To ensure that the Arts Studies Administration meets the requirements of the new regulation, all future replies and enquiries will be sent to your AU email address (or your e-Boks).

2018.05.24 | Lisbeth Hartmann

As a result of the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation, the Arts Studies Administration has decided to communicate only via a secure email system. Therefore, all email replies and enquiries from us will be sent to your AU email.
To make it easier for both you and us – and to ensure that your data is protected in the best possible way – it is important that you always use your AU email account when contacting us via email.

You can log in to your AU email account here:

You can set up your private email client or mobile phone to retrieve emails from your AU email account.

You can also choose to use Once you are logged in to, you can see the emails we have sent, and you can send emails to us from your AU email.

Replies to applications for dispensation etc. will continue to be sent to your e-Boks. So make sure that you are notified by email and/or text message when you have received a new email in your e-Boks.