Parental leave

If you become a parent and want to go on parental leave while studying, you have some options:


Most students apply for exemption. You can apply for exemption for your maximum period of study and for the active enrolment requirements.

Special leave

You also have the opportunity of applying for special leave. Please note that you cannot receive grants and loans from The Danish Students' Grants and Loans Scheme (SU) during special leave.

SU during parental leave

Remember to inform yourself about the Danish Agency for Higher Education's regulations on SU and parental leave.

General rules regarding pregnancy

It is important to distinquish between parental leave and pregnancy. Pregnancy does not constitute an exceptional circumstance in itself, and therefore, it cannot give grounds for dispensation.

If you experience discomfort/illness during your pregnancy, you can apply for separate dispensation for this. This requires that it can be categorised as 'exceptional circumstances and that you can document these circumstances.