Special terms and conditions when taking exams

If you suffer from a physical disability or mental health issue such as:

  • dyslexia
  • mental health disorders
  • neurological disorders
  • mobility impairments
  • sight or hearing impairments

or if Danish is not your mother tongue, you can apply to your board of studies for permission to do your exams subject to special terms and conditions.

What kind of special terms and conditions?

For instance, you can apply for extra time to do an exam, or permission to use special aids.

Extra time is normally only granted for individual exams. If you apply for extra time for a group examination, all members of the group must be able to present documentation for the same degree of impairment/reduced working capacity.

How do you apply?

You apply by submitting an application for dispensation via student self service (mit.au)

You need to submit this application in good time before the exam in question if you want to make sure you get a reply before the exam is to be held.

Please note that any dispensation that is granted only applies to the exam period in question. In other words, you need to apply again if you want special terms and conditions when doing the re-examination in the same semester or a subsequent semester.

Please remember to attach documentation

Special terms and conditions will only be granted if you can provide documentation of the issue in question, for instance a statement by the Special Educational Support, a doctor’s certificate or a statement by a psychologist.

This documentation must explain how your physical disability or mental health issue affects your working ability. It must also contain the stamp/letterhead and signature of the person issuing the statement.

In this connection, it is important to underline that although this documentation is an important requirement, it does not necessarily mean that the university will grant you the dispensation for which you are applying. Ultimately, your board of studies will decide whether special terms and conditions should apply in your case to ensure that you are placed on an equal footing with other students taking the same exam.

Processing your application

Your application will be processed by the board of studies and will always be subject to concrete, individual assessment.

The purpose of allowing such special terms and conditions is to place students with disabilities and students whose mother tongue is not Danish on an equal footing with other students doing the same exam. In other words, these special terms and conditions must never lower the level of the exam concerned.