Intro week Master Arab and Islamic studies

Commencement of studies exam

The compulsory commencement of studies exam will be held before the end of September on the first semester of your Master's degree programme.

If you don't participate in the commencement of studies exam and therefore do not pass, you will be withdrawn from your degree programme with immediate effect.

You can find information about the commencement of studies exam in your Master’s degree programme here.

IT-systems and important links

As a new student at AU, you will come across many different IT platforms for different purposes. At first, it may be difficult to find your way around all these platforms. Please don’t worry - you will definitely get the hang of them all during the first year of your degree programme. During your introduction week, your student advisors will introduce you to the relevant IT platforms. Here is an overview of the most important systems:

  • is your main access point to information about your degree programme and teaching and to the self-service systems. Here you will find a weekly timetable, your AU email, important messages, links to sites and systems, and much more. In fact, as a student, you can access everything you need once you have logged on to
  • Blackboard is an e-learning platform where your teachers upload materials and other relevant information for your teaching.
  • Student Self-Service (STADS) is the place where you can see your exam results and order exam transcripts, etc. It is also the place where you register for courses and exams when necessary during your degree programme. See the guide on how to use STADS.
  • is your so-called "study portal". This is where all the relevant information about teaching, exams, rules and supervision is collected.
  • Eduroam. The wireless network at AU is called Eduroam. Before you can use Eduroam, it must be installed on your devices.
  • Zoom. At the university, it is possible that teaching and other activities, such as presentations and meetings, can take place digitally via Zoom. You must remember to use the official AU Zoom solution and not the free version or license from Zoom's own website. You can find a guide on how to log in and use Zoom on AU Studypedia.
  • Please note that, as a student at AU, you are entitled to quite a lot of free or discounted software. Read more here:
  • IT support. If you have technical problems, you can get help from Arts IT Support. It’s likely they will be quite busy during the first few weeks of the semester, so please be patient