student who studies for one semester at an educational institution outside Denmark without having an AU exchange agreement. The term freemover is most commonly used in Europe. Here are some of the terms used elsewhere: study abroad student (AUS/NZ), non-degree student (USA/ASIA), guest student and visiting student. Freemovers plan their own semester abroad, with a reduced level of support from the Arts International Team. It is often possible to use an agent for this. Agents are private companies that are paid by educational institutions outside Denmark to recruit students for either full-time study or single-semester visits.


Important information for freemovers

Freemovers must be prepared to invest additional time and energy in preparing periods of study abroad, because they are responsible for all contact with the host institution.

They have to obtain all the relevant information themselves (both practical and course-related).

Not all universities admit freemovers.

In most cases, tuition fees must be paid to the host university in connection with enrolling and registering for courses. You can apply for a study abroad scholarship to cover some of your tuition fees at the host university. You can also apply for an Arts Travel Grant to subsidise your travelling expenses.


How to get started

You should start by planning your freemover semester as early as possible – preferably up to a year in advance. In some cases, the deadline for applications to the host university will be before the AU/Arts deadline for exchange students.

When choosing your host institution, you should think about criteria such as geography, academic quality and (most importantly of all) which courses you can transfer to your AU/Arts study programme.


How do I apply for a freemover semester?

Contact the host institution and/or check their website for information about deadlines, application procedure, admission criteria, accommodation and (most importantly of all) available courses. Find out how much you will have to pay in tuition fees.

Make sure the host institution is aware that you are applying as a freemover and not as an AU/Arts exchange student or a full-time student.

It’s a really good idea to join forces with other freemover students and help each other gather information and complete applications together.


Advance approval and credit transfer

In connection with a freemover semester, you also need to apply for advance approval and credit transfer. You can find information about deadlines and rules on the Arts Study Portal under Prior approval and credit transfer (Arts). If you are an ITTU student, you can find information about deadlines and rules on the Arts Study Portal under Self-designed supplementary subjects abroad (ITTU).