Course requirements and pre-approval of credit transfer

Choice of subjects abroad

Once you have found the university or universities at which you would like to go on exchange, you must go to their websites, find the course catalogue and search for relevant subjects corresponding to 30 ECTS for each prioritized university. This can be very time-consuming, so makes sure to allocate plenty of time to this activity. If your host university does not use the ECTS system, you must find out how many of the university's points/credits/units correspond to 30 ECTS.

If the course catalogue for the semester you are applying for is not yet available on the website, you must select your courses based on the current course offerings. In case of subsequent changes, it will be possible to change your study plan.

If you choose courses outside your primary field of study, you must only choose from partners with whom we have faculty-wide or university-wide agreements.

If you choose courses within you primary field of study, you must choose from partners with whom we have course-specific, faculty-wide or university-wide agreements.

For more information about the various types of agreements, we refer to the individual universities in MoveOn or this page.

You can also see evaluations in MoveOn

Contact your international coordinator if you have any questions concerning the choice of subjects or conversion of credits to ECTS.

Pre-approval of credit transfer

You must apply to your Board of Studies for pre-approval of credit transfer for the courses you will be doing abroad after you have been informed that you have been allocated an exchange spot.

The pre-approval of credit transfer must always be for 30 ECTS credits per semester in order not to prolong your period of study. 

The pre-approval for credit transfer is issued by your Board of Studies. Your Board of Studies also determines the number of courses you must follow at the host institution to earn 30 ECTS credits. Consequently, it is good idea to check your Board of Studies' guidelines before starting the process of writing an application for pre-approval of credit transfer.

In order to be able to assess your application, the Board of Studies will typically need at least a description of your study programme and the course and exam descriptions from the host university website.  

For details on the procedure, please see course requirements and pre-approval of credit transfer at Arts.

For details on the procedure for Self-designed supplementary subjects abroad (ITTU), please see Self-designed supplementary subjects abroad (ITTU).  

Learning Agreement

If going on an ERASMUS or Nordplus exchange, you must also fill in a Learning Agreement based on your pre-approval of credit transfer. You must fill in a Learning Agreement in order to receive an Erasmus or Nordplus scholarship.

Read more about the requirements for receiving Erasmus and Nordplus scholarships under "Funding" in the left-hand menu. 

Learning agreement


If it becomes necessary to make changes to your courses at the beginning of your study abroad period, you are obligated to inform your Board of Studies by applying for pre-approval of such changes. This is important as it may influence your scholarship and to ensure that your study abroad period does not prolong your studies.

When/if the changes are approved by your Board of Studies, you must subsequently revise/fill in Part II of your Learning Agreement and send it with the new pre-approval letter from your Board to Studies to your international coordinator for signature.