Field studies, internships and language studies abroad

Some study programmes at Arts have fieldwork, an internship or language studies incorporated into the academic regulations.

The intention with the incorporation of these study abroad activities into the academic regulations is to provide students enrolled in these study programmes with the basic knowledge, practical experience and language proficiency training inherent to their study programme.

As with other study abroad opportunities, these types of training are also subject to pre-approval of credit transfer from the relevant Board of Study in order to ensure that the study period abroad does not prolong the total study period  – as opposed to traditional exchange, fieldwork, internships and language studies would typically result in credit transfer of 20 to 30 ECTS depending on the relevant academic regulations.

!Important: The pre-approval of credit transfer MUST be signed by a representative from the relevant Board of Study. It is not sufficient to have it signed by the relevant supervisor of the study programme.

It is the student's own responsibility to find a place for the fieldwork, internship or language studies. Relevant internship positions are advertised in the AU jobbank. 

It is possible to apply for financial support from Arts to these types of study abroad activities. Please, see Arts Travel Grant.