First Year Examination

The first-year examination must be passed before the end of your first academic year.

All exams during the first year are included in the first-year examination, 60 ECTS credits in total.

The examination consists of two requirements: 

  • Attendance: This requirement must be fulfilled by attending the exam the first time it is offered. Since all students are automatically registered for all first-year exams and these registrations cannot be cancelled, first-year students will automatically fulfill the attendance requirement.
  • Passing: This requires all first-year exams to be passed within the first academic year. This means no later than in August for the Q4 reexams.

If you have not passed the first-year examination within the first academic year, your unused exam attempts will be annulled. That is, even though you may have unused exam attempts left, these are annulled if the deadline has expired. You cannot get an extension of the deadline because you have unused exam attempts.

If you risk not being able to meet the requirements due to protracted illness or other exceptional circumstances, you can apply for extension of the deadline.

You can find further information regarding exemptions here. Your application for exemption should be filed via

If you have any questions, you can contact the student counsellors or write to

Remember to find specific information about the first-year examination in the academic regulations.