Apply to AU

Application deadlines

The deadline for applications to go on exchanges through AU's agreements depends on when you are going but also what you are studying. There are two application deadlines a year but please be aware that not all students can apply by both deadlines.

  • 1 December for the following academic year - e.g. you need to apply 1st December 2018 for exchange spots in the autumn semester 2019 and the spring semester 2020
  • 15 September for the following spring - e.g. you can apply for exchange spots in the spring semester 2019 at the deadline 15th September 2018

  Please note that for International Business Communication students at the Faculty of Arts the deadline to apply for exchange in the spring semester of 2019  is 1 May 2018

If possible, we recommend that all applicants apply by the 1 December deadline. By the 1 December deadline, you can apply for an exchange either for one semester (autumn or spring) or for a full academic year.

By the 15 September deadline, you can apply for an exchange in the following spring. This application round is primarily for newly admitted master students who are applying for exchange during their second semester.


You must submit your application for an exchange online in AU GO. In your application you must specify the universities you want to apply to, and upload the requested enclosures.

The application module opens approx. one month before the application deadline. The required enclosures must be submitted by the same deadlines as above.  

Find information about AU's partner universities in AU GO. Always read the descriptions of the universities you want to apply to very carefully. It is also important that you make sure that the selected universities offer subjects that are relevant to you and your degree programme. Also, remember to check whether some of the universities demand documentation for your language skills.

Please note that you increase your chances of being granted an exchange place abroad if you apply broadly. We recommend that you apply to at least three different universities.

The application to AU is for internal use only. If you are granted an exchange place, you will also be required to apply to the host university. You will automatically receive more information about this by email.


In your online application, you must upload the following enclosures. All attachments must be uploaded in a single PDF file.

  • List of the subjects you wish to do at the various universities to which you are applying. Please use the course selection form for this purpose.
  • Master’s degree students holding a Bachelor's degree from another university or a university college must also submit proof of this. If you hold a foreign Bachelor’s degree, you must enclose an explanation of the marking scale used in the country in question
  • Depending on your field of study at AU, other enclosures may be required. Please click on "attachements" in the left-hand menu to learn more.

If you are granted an exchange place, you must subsequently send in the following enclosures

  • a preliminary approval of the subjects you wish to do at your host university
  • documentation of your language skills, if required by your host university

You will be informed directly by email about the enclosures which must be submitted as well as the deadline for submitting them.

Answer to application

You will receive an answer to your application for an exchange place about eight weeks after the expiry of the application deadline. The answer is sent out by email. 

You will also be informed by email about the enclosures which must be submitted as well as the deadline for submitting them.