Guidelines for Bachelorprojects

The Bachelor’s Project (Thesis or Final Project) is an extensive project dealing with a realistic engineering assignment. The bachelor project should document the students’ ability to work independently to apply engineering methods and theories in solving professional problems and development issues in a specific field.  The project constitutes the conclusion of the programme and is placed in the last semester.

The present project description contains provisions and practical information regarding the course of Bachelor’s Project.


The objective of the Bachelor’s Project is that students be able to plan and conduct an engineering project in as realistic a form as the study environment allows, preferably in cooperation with companies.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the Bachelor’s Project, the student should be able to:

  • apply scientific research results and technological knowledge for solving  technical problems,
  • develop new solutions,
  • acquire and evaluate new knowledge within relevant engineering fields,
  • systematically apply engineering knowledge, theories and methods
  • plan and complete a project in a group in cooperation with internal and external partners
  • present results of a project in writing and orally by means of relevant communication tools, to professionals as well as customers,
  • present results of a project orally and with means of various audio or visual communication tools,
  • integrate social, economic, environmental and work environmental consequences in the solution model

Learning objectives in relation to the specific subject and with reference to above, including their weight, is specified in the Assignment Formulation.    

Main Content

The Bachelor’s Project should comprise the planning and documentation of solutions for a realistic engineering project or defined parts and comprise independent experimental, empirical and/or theoretical discussions and computations


The Bachelor’s Project has an extent of 15, 20 or 25 ects-credits, for some studies depending on electives.

For exchange students the Bachelor’s Project may thus constitute one full semester (30 ects-credits)


Students enrolled for a full programme at ASE must have:

  • passed all activities in 1st to 4th semester,
  • an approved Engineering training period,

International students should have passed a similar engineering education except the concluding project, and should be proficient in English as documented by a TOEFL-score of no less than 550, or similar. The home university must have approved both content and extent of the project documented in a written agreement (Learning Agreement).