Engineering training

Terms for Engineering Training at Aarhus University School of Engineering (for the trainee)

Extract from the Curriculum:

As a part of the Curriculum for the Bachelor of Engineering programme at Aarhus University School of Engineering (ASE), students are required to serve a one-semester engineering traineeship.

The purpose of the engineering training is that, in connection with execution of the training programme in a public or private company, the student should:

  • give consideration to the relevant theory in relation to how engineering tasks are solved in practice,
  • acquire good working habits and develop co-operative skills as well as a sense of entirety through direct commitment to engineering tasks and
  • ·be motivated to adopt an engineering attitude to courses and projects in the subsequent part of the studies.

1.0 Application for position as trainee

Procedures for application may vary from one company to the other. Procedures are announced by the coordinator at ASE, who maintains and announces a list with:

  • Number of available positions.
  • Method of application
  • Contact person, if any
  • Status for applications sent, and contract entered

The student has accordingly a duty to inform the Coordinator about any application sent.

(Applications are, as the general rule, sent directly by the applicant to the company)

1.1 Training period

The engineering training is normally placed in the 5th semester.

Further information concerning the time lapse for preparation, performance and follow-up may be found in appendices for the individual study programmes

1.2 Reporting

During the training period, you must prepare 2 reports: A Focus report and a Training report.

The Focus report will be prepared during the preceding semester.

1.2.1 Initial feedback

You shall – on the first day – report back to the trainee supervisor regarding:

  • Your e-mail address at the company
  • Your telephone and mobile numbers at the company
  • Your working place address (if different from the office, typically a construction site)
  • The name of the supervisor responsible for your training in the company

1.2.2 Focus report and training plan

The target group of the report is yourself, your supervisor and the daily manager at the company. The Focus report shall contain:

  • A training plan: A description of the expected work assignments in the training period. The training plan should contain a preliminary list of relevant work functions and assignments, and a description of how variation and progression in the work is ensured.
  • At least 5 focus points, using the company, your work assignments and your own study situation as a starting point.

Examples of focus points:

  1. How can I apply the theory from the first semesters in my work in the company?
  2. How can I use my experience with project work?
  3. Will I apply for work in a company of the same kind after graduation?
  4. How can I use my experience from the traineeship in my choice of topic in the Final Project?
  5. How can I use my experience from the traineeship in my choice of elective courses?

During the traineeship you shall, on a regular basis, contemplate and adjust the focus point, if necessary. Your supervisor will discuss the training plan and the focus points with you during his/her visit to the company. The focus points will also be discussed during the evaluation.

Total extent: 2-3 pages

You shall send the focus report in PDF-format  to your supervisor at ASE, with copy to the trainee secretary. (  The report shall reach the supervisor at the latest on the 3rd Monday in the training period.

1.2.3 Training report

The target group of this report is everyone related to the specific study area, and especially future trainees, your trainee supervisor and the company.

The report shall be written as a summary of your trainee period with a final conclusion and an analysis of 2-3 pages on the theory of science.

The summary can be a description of:

  • The company’s organisation and structure with your own role as a starting point
  • Your work tasks with examples of the technical content
  • Possibly your diary and/or time sheet – or extracts hereof
  • Your relationship with colleagues
    • Their attitude towards you as a trainee
    • Your possibilities for getting help and guidance during the training period

The final conclusion can be a description of:

  • Work experience that can be used in the remaining period of your studies at the ASE
  • Anything extra that you would have liked to know or have learned before your training period.

In the analysis of the theory of science you can for example describe:

  • Mission and vision of the company
  • The company’s attitude towards innovation, marketing and competitive power
  • Product development procedures in the company
  • Where does the applied knowledge come from, and how is it evaluated?

Total extent: 5-15 pages

Let the daily manager read the report before handing it in.

Please send the report as a PDF file to the supervisor with copy to the trainee secretary (  who will arrange publication at the internal net. The report shall reach the supervisor at the latest on the 3rd Monday in the last month of the training period.

1.3 Visit from supervisor

After you have handed in your focus report, your trainee supervisor will visit you and your daily manager. On that occasion your work tasks, working conditions etc. will be discussed. In addition to this, the training plan and your focus points will be discussed and adjusted, if necessary.

1.4 Discussion with supervisor

Upon submitting the report you will have a discussion with the supervisor. The discussion will take place not later than 3 weeks after start of the following term. The discussion will take your focus report and training report as starting points, and has as its purpose to evaluate the training as such, and in relation to the rest of your study.

1.5 Evaluation

The following criteria constitute the basis for the approval of your traineeship:

  1. Certificate of completed traineeship, signed by the company. The signature shows that you have completed the training period in a satisfactory manner according to previously described rules and procedures
  2. Focus report
  3. Training report


Approved by the Director of Studies

Version 11, 5th. November 2013