Student offices

Study places

At BiRC, we have established study places for our Master students in the former library on the 3rd floor of building 1110 (called 'the Library'). The Library accommodates about 16 students, and some of the study places are equipped with height adjustable tables.

The Library is reserved for quiet study, and if you need to discuss projects and the like, you are welcome to use the sofas in the lunch room on the 4th floor instead.

We distribute study places twice a year - with application deadlines in January/February and August/September, respectively.  If we don’t have enough study places for everybody who applies, we will make a waiting list to fill vacant spaces. You must apply for a study place twice a year, and when it is time to do so, an email will be sent around.

In addition to the Library, BiRC has a small number of offices on the 4th floor of the building, where it might also be possible to get a study place if there is a vacant table.

Locker cabinets 

At the Library you will find a number of locker rooms for students with a study place in the Library. Bring your own padlock – and remember to empty the room when you no longer use the study place at the Library.

Access to building 1110

To access building 1110 and the Library, your student card must be registered as an admission card. Contact secretary Ellen Noer to get an access form which you will have to fill in. You will receive an email when your student card has been activated. You will then be able to enter building 1110 by running your student card through the card reader and entering your 4-digit code.