Why study abroad?

Are you dreaming about working outside Denmark? Have you always been fascinated by other cultures? Would you like to be really good at French? Is there a university somewhere out there with unique knowledge about a field of study which you are particularly interested in? Or have you realised that having studied abroad for one or more semesters looks extremely good on your CV?

No matter what motivates you, there are plenty of good reasons for spending some time abroad during your studies.

Broaden your academic horizon

Studying your degree subjects from a different perspective and in a different academic culture is an intellectually invigorating experience. Experiencing a completely new way of teaching can be daunting, but it will also open your mind to new ways of learning. You may have the opportunity to study courses not offered at AU. Courses may complement your studies at AU but offer a new dimension. Study Abroad will open new doors academically and may help you to discover new academic passions. It could encourage you to think about postgraduate study in a certain field, or in a certain location.

International understanding

Students today face an international job market characterised by fierce competition for the most exciting jobs. For this reason, being able to prove that you have an international understanding and intercultural skills is a clear advantage.

Aarhus University already has an international study environment with many international students and teachers, but to truly get under the skin of a different culture, you have to live there, and this is what you can do under an exchange arrangement.

Job-related competences

Students speak of their experiences abroad as life-changing and see their international and intercultural experience as one of the most rewarding features of their university careers. They not only improve their academic skills, but they also get sense of intellectual energy and focus—and a much more sophisticated view of our complex world. They learn a lot about their personality and often understand that stepping away from their routines provides them with new insights and life perspectives.

Today’s workplace is increasingly global and requires knowledge and experience that transcends national boundaries. Students who have studied abroad can demonstrate to prospective employers that they can handle themselves in a new context and they have experience interacting with people from other cultures and backgrounds. Typically students are also developing a professional network that continues long after their return.

International network

Doing a semester abroad is a chance to create a network of students from all over the world – students who may later land exciting jobs in large organisations and companies.

Leaving your friends and family to live in another country with different rules and norms also demonstrates independence and maturity.

Last but not least, a period of study abroad is an unforgettable experience and an opportunity to travel to exciting places and make new friends and acquaintances from all over the world. It is a way of travelling quite unlike anything else, and an experience that you will never forget.