New personalised study portal for ST students - a single gateway to your study information

From February 21, students at Science and Technology can access their new personalised study portal at The new portal is a simple, fast and easy way to find all your relevant study information - with only one login.

2018.02.15 | Christian Haaber Rasch offers simple, fast and easy access to all relevant study information, across systems and websites at AU. The new portal is not a replacement for ST's study portals. Screenshot: AU

This is the new personalised study portal on Screenshot: AU

For years, students all over AU have requested a better, faster and easier access to the many various systems and websites where you find your study information.

With you get exactly that. The new personalised study portal provides easy access to the specific information relevant for the individual student.

What’s at the new portal?

You log on to with your WAYF login. It’s the same login that you use at, for example, You then arrive at an overview page where all the relevant study information is gathered for you in the form of schedules, tables, shortcuts, and links.

You will find, among other thin

  • Your weekly timetable for teaching - if you want to view a different week, you can simply flip the page.
  • The three most recent messages for you in Blackboard.
  • An overview of the courses you are registered for.
  • The academic regulation that applies to you, and an overview of your degree programme.
  • Latest news and important shortcuts to your study portal.
  • Shortcuts to different administrative systems such as, for example,, STADS, Digital Exam, and your AU email.
  • Overview map.

You can of course also view it all on your phone or tablet.

The new personalised study portal is not a replacement for ST's study portals at, which will continue as before. The major difference is that you from February 21 have a single gateway to everything.

If you have questions

  • If you have any questions about the content of, you can write to
  • If you have any questions about the portal itself, you can send them to support at
  • If you experience problems with your login or similar technical issues, you can contact the IT support team at ST.