Study Environment

The study environment at Biology is centered at Biologiens hus, known colloquially as Biohuset. The building has a lobby, reading room and group rooms, where students in the field of biology can meet around academic and social activities. Several of the biology programme’s student associations are housed here, and the small biology oasis helps give you a sense of belonging in the programme, as you almost always will bump into friends and acquaintances.

As a biology student, you cannot help but becoming familiar with the Biology Degree Programme Committee (BFU). The reason why is that all biology students automatically become members of BFU, when they commence their studies. The many biology associations are also affiliated with BFU, and for this reason everyone is entitled to speak at BFU-meetings.

Heading BFU is the Executive Committee (FU), which consists of a group of volunteer students who are responsible for following up on the decisions made jointly by biology students at BFU meetings. The Executive Committee has contact to the Department management and can, thus, e.g. influence how the programme is composed, organized and how teaching is evaluated.

Get an overview of the Biology associations here:

The Revue

It has long been a tradition that a bunch of creative biology students from different years get together once a year to prepare a revue of sketches and songs. The work begins in the spring, and the revue is performed in connection with BIOGAS’ spring party.