Support for associations

As a biology student, you can support social and academic activities by paying a 50 kr. association fee once a year.

The money goes to a common pool, from which all associations and individuals can seek support for events. A committee, established at a BFU meeting, will evaluate the applications. Approximately one third of the association fee goes to the operation of BFU (office supplies etc.).

When you pay the association fee, you receive a Propelpadden Pelle sticker, the biologists’ mascot. Stick it on your student ID, and when you show it (along with picture ID), you can get discounts at various associations under BFU.  See the discounts below.

We give a discount on:

  • Subscription for GD Bio-ball(50,-)
  • Coffee discount card (30,-)
  • Biogas tickets (10,-)
  • Dissection cutlery (50,-)
  • Miscellaneous for the dissection cutlery (stated on request)

With a discount

  • 300,-
  • 100,-
  • 40,-
  • 375,-
  • Miscellaneous

Without a discount:

  • 350,-
  • 130,-
  • 50,-
  • 425,-
  • Various