While you study

Here, we have gathered useful information for you while you study.  

Courses and exams

The academic year at Science and Technology is divided into two semesters, which means that there are two periods of teaching and two periods of exams per year.

Under 'Teaching' > 'Academic calendar and timetable' in this study portal's menu, you find both the teaching and exam calendar, with dates for the entire year, and your own personal timetable (when it's ready in the middle of August). Your timetable will give you an overview of all your courses for the following semester and where your classes are located. To view the right timetable, type in your student number - found on your student ID card.  Please note, that your timetable is only available if your course programme is in order before arrival.

You find your relevant exam schedule when it's relevant under 'Examination' > 'Examination schedule'. All students are automatically registered for 1. and 2. examination attempt, and these registrations cannot be cancelled. When you register for a course, you will automatically be registered for the ordinary exam. 

Check your AU-email!

It's very important that you often check your AU-email (studentnumber@post.au.dk).

All written information between AU and your must take place to/from your AU-email.

You can access your AU-email through mitstudie.au.dk/en