Last call for applications to Boligfonden Kubens Spirekasse grant

Boligfonden Kubens Spirekasse grant closes for applications on Friday January 15. Therefore, the foundation encourages all aspiring entrepreneurs to apply for the grant. The Spirekasse grant is worth 25.000 DKKR and can be applied for online by everyone with a good idea on how to make the building industry more innovative, productive or sustainable.

2021.01.07 | Heidi Søndergaard

The Spirekasse grant was created to pave the way for innovation within construction. The grant can by applied for by everyone who has an idea on how to improve the industry, regardless of you being a young student, established in the industry, or experienced.

-        Many in the building industry come across ingrained habits and inexpedient work methods that they wish to change. This could be construction waste that could be recycled for new purposes, digitalisation of processes, or natural materials that can be refashioned into building materials to benefit the climate. If you have an idea on how to improve building work, hurry up and apply, says manager of Boligfonden Kuben, Sidse Buch.

Opportunity for more support

The Spirekasse grant celebrates innovation and new ideas. Therefore, it is not your diploma or your education that decides if you receive the grant. It is the strength of your idea. The grant is easy to apply for online and it does not require a lot of documentation. If you manage to get through the eye of the needle and receive the grant of 25.000 DKKR, it is possible to receive additional support later in the process.

-        If it turns out that the project has larger perspectives, we are happy to aid with extra support. We can give financial support to a mentor, a contribution to an exhibit or a demonstration project. This happens at the Spirekasse grant’s level 2 and 3 where applicants from round 1 can apply for more resources based on their results from the first grant round, says Sidse Buch.

The grant opened a completely new world

The Spirekasse grant is awarded in the spring. At the award, all grant recipients meet for a common inspirational day where their ideas are presented to the board of Boligfonden Kuben. This year, the grant was among others awarded to Louise Permiin for her idea of utilising surplus wool from the Faroe Islands to create sustainable acoustics plates. Another recipient was Jeppe Rasmussen from Woodsense, who received support for a sensor solution that detects moisture damage in wood, while Anna Rosa Hiort-Lorenzen received the grant for the idea of using phosphorescing materials to light up paths in natural urban spaces.

-        The grant award is always a party where we celebrate good ideas and have the opportunity to ask follow-up questions for the exciting projects. I am looking forward to seeing the applications in the new year, says Sidse Buch.

The Spirekasse grant is open for applications until January 15. You can apply for it here:

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