Educations committee

The main responsibility of the educations committee is to develop strong, research based, engineering Master programmes. The committee consists of the director of studies, the degree programme coordinators and the department’s heads of sections:


Heads of Degree Programme

  • See under "Head of Degree Programme" in the menu.

Heads of Sections


Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering

Aside from the overall educations committee, we also have a committee for each of our MSc degree programmes.

Biotechnology and Chemical Engineering

  • Menglin Chen (chair biotechnology)
  • Edzard Spillner (VIP)
  • Alberto Scoma (VIP)
  • Nina Lock (chair chemical engineering)
  • Konstantinos Anastasakis (VIP)
  • Malene Nørgaard Dahlhus (student)
  • Rune Popp (student)
  • Chiara Luciana Grasso Beltran (student)
  • Anne Bruun Rovsing (student)
  • Albert Buus Rasmussen (student)
  • Emil Vognsen Grochalski (student)