Head of Degree Programme

For each graduate engineering degree programme, a lecturer has been appointed – The Head of Degree Programme – to be responsible for the degree programme in question.

You can contact your Head of Degree Programme for guidance about the academic content of your degree programme, your course combination, options for study periods abroad, etc. Contact information is found below.


Menglin Chen

Associate professor

Chemical Engineering

Nina Lock

Associate professor

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Computer Engineering, BSc+MSc

Qi Zhang

Electrical Engineering, BSc+MSc

Henrik Karstoft

Biomedical Engineering, MSc

Peter Johansen

Chemical Engineering, BSc+MSc

Nina Lock

Biotechnology, BSc+MSc

Menglin Chen

Civil and Architectural Engineering, BSc

Hans Henning Stutz

Civil and Architectural Engineering, MSc

Kenny Kataoka Sørensen

Mechanical Engineering, (BSc+) MSc

Lars Bräuner