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Changed contact options due to the Corona/COVID-19

On the basis of the authorities' instructions regarding Corona/COVID-19, Study Service and Student counselling at Natural Science and Technical Sciences are closed for personal appointments until further notice.

You can contact Study Service and Student counselling in the following ways:

Study Service can only be reached by the e-mail address above.  

You can book appointments on phone or Skype with the student welfare counsellors.
You do this under 'Student counselling' > 'Contact student counselling' > 'Student welfare counselling'. 
Otherwise send an e-mail to Student counselling by the e-mail address above.

You can contact the student counsellors by their e-mails, and you can book appointments on Skype with some, but not all. 
You find the student counsellors' individual contact information under 'Student counselling' > 'Contact student counselling' > 'Student counsellors'.

We do everything possible to get you through these challenging times. We encourage everyone to take the situation calmly and seriously, and to follow the guidelines of the authorities and Aarhus University.  

The student counsellors at Faculty of Natural Sciences and Faculty of Technical Sciences cover all degree programmes and can therefore give you specific counselling in connection with your particular degree programme. You can also receive counselling from our student welfare counsellors.

The student counsellors are all enrolled on either a bachelor's or master's degree from Faculty of Natural Sciences og Faculty of Technical Sciences, whilst the student welfare counsellors are permanent employees at the two faculties.

N.B. If you are looking for specific counselling regarding your degree programme, please book an appointment with your local student counsellor first. 

Below, you will find the contact information.