Jobfair 2019

Job fair for engineering and science students in Aarhus on 27 March from 08.30-15:00.

2019.01.11 | Heidi Søndergaard

Jobtræf Aarhus is a unique opportunity if you are a future engineer, MSc, or taking a diploma in the field of technology, to find out more about the industry that sooner or later you will become a part of.

If you already know what your dream job is, you have the opportunity to seek out exactly the business that may be able to offer it to you. If you still don’t know what your dream job is, a long line of businesses is queueing up to tell you what they have to offer.

At the fair you will be able to chat with business representatives with the same educational background as yourself and hear about the challenges they meet in their everyday working lives.

Civil engineer, Diplom engineer