Studies Administration

If you have questions of a more specific character to the employees at Aarhus BSS Studies administrating your degree programme, you can find contact information below.

Studies administration at Economics and Business Administration

Course and exam registration (bachelor & top-up)Bolette Bligaardbachelor.bss@au.dk8715 3426
Course and exam registration (Master)    Marianne Pedersenkandidat.bss@au.dk8715 2365
Exemptions   Mette Meilandt meme@au.dk8715 3601  
Exemptions  Reneé H. Troelsgaard  retr@au.dk8715 2413
Exemptions Christine Kleist  christinedyrup@au.dk8716 4815
Credit transfer and preliminary approval   Anette Bech-Larsen  anbl@au.dk8715 2385
Credit transfer and preliminary approval   Cecilie Ulfkjærcecilieu@au.dk8715 3718
Board of studies support (cand.merc.)    Anne Skov Anhø 8716 4856
Board of studies support (bachelor)    Thue Sebastian Winkler  tsw@au.dk8715 2164
Examination complaints   Tina Lindhardttln@au.dk8715 2386
Student and welfare counselling (bachelor & Master)  Mette Oddermetteod@au.dk8715 1909

Studies administration at the engineering programmes (GMM & TBBD)

Course and exam registration, GMMHelle Winther Borupbachelor.bss@au.dk8716 6184  
Course and exam registration, cand.polyt (TBBD)Helle Krøyerkandidat.bss@au.dk8715 3648  
Exemptions, credit transfer & preliminary approval Sofie Veje
(on leave)
sofiev@au.dk9350 8177 
Exemptions, credit transfer & preliminary approval Cecilie Ulfkjærcecilieu@au.dk8715 3718  
Examination complaints
Student and welfare counselling Mette Oddermetteod@au.dk8715 1909