Study administration

Study administration

If you have questions of a more specific character to the employees at Aarhus BSS Studies administrating your degree programme, you can find contact information below.

Study administrationContactMailTelephone
Study administrator, Economics and Business Administration and Top-upBolette 8715 3426
Study administrator, Global Management and ManufacturingHelle Winther 8716 6184
Study administrator, MSc International Business Development + Marketing and Business InnovationMarianne  8715 2365
Study administrator, MSc Technology Based Business Development Helle Krøyer  8715 3648
Exchange Heidi T. Larsen heidi@au.dk8715 1908
Exemptions, pre-approvals, BTECH Engineers Merete Nyfeldt-Nü

8715 2394

Exemptions, Economics and Business Administration

Linda E. Andersen

8715 3641

Examination complaintsTina Lindhardttln@au.dk8716 4331