Are you going to register for reexamination?

The registration for reexamination is 6 - 8 July 2018.

2018.07.04 | Mette Bak Odder

You are personally responsible for registering for the reexamination if you did not pass or were absent from the ordinary exam.

You register for the reexamination at (Student Self-service System). The registration will be open from 6-8 July 2018.

Please be aware of the following rules:

  • You will not be registered for the reexamination automatically. You have to register yourself if you wish to attend the reexamination.
  • Deregistration from the reexamination will NOT be possible after the end of the registration period at 8 July.
  • A prerequisite for attending the reexamination is that you have used an examination attempt in the ordinary exam.  

Find more information on reexaminations and make-up exams here.  

You have to keep updated on examination time and place yourself. You can find the information in the exam schedules on your study portal. The publication of the re-exam is expected to be published on 20 July.


If you need to apply for a dispensation in connection with the reexaminations in August (eg. extended time at the exam, special circumstances, a fourth exam attempt), please make sure to send in your application by no later than 8 July, 2018, where there is deadline for registration for reexaminations.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee that applications for dispensation that are sent in after 8 July, will be completed before the reexaminations.

You can find information about dispensations on your study portal under the item 'Student counselling'.

Due to the summer holidays there will only be staff for emergency preparedness in July. Only applications pertaining to reexaminations will be handled, if it was not possible to send them in before 8 July, due to special circumstances.

Please make sure to check you E-box regularly, as the Board of study’s decision may be sent to you until the day before the reexamination.

Remember, if you have received a dispensation for extended time at the ordinary exams, it will also be stated here, if this also applies to the rexaminations. We therefore recommend that you read the decision carefully and follow the instructions given here. 

If you have any questions regarding registering for reexamination, please contact Ask Aarhus BSS Student Services.  

Best regards 

Aarhus BSS Studies