AU Evacuate out of service

Due to a ransomware attack on the data stored in AU Evacuate, the evacuation app is currently out of service.

2018.10.05 | Arts Kommunikation

During the weekend, AU’s evacuation app AU Evacuate, which has been introduced at Aarhus BSS and parts of the Faculty of Arts, was put out of function when the database containing data from the AU Evacuate app was subjected to a ransomware attack. This meant that all data was made unavailable and that users will have to reinstall the app and re-register.

The attack happened due to a configuration error that arose when the task of developing the app was transferred to a new supplier. The incident was caused by an unfortunate human error, and several measures have been agreed in collaboration with the supplier to ensure that a similar situation can be avoided in future.

The database contained information on buildings as well as information on the users of the app. For that reason, both AU’s Data Protection Officer and Information Security Manager have been consulted to ensure that the incident is handled correctly.

What about my personal data?
“The security of the app itself has not been compromised, so there is no risk that someone would have had access to people’s mobile phones,” says Ole Boulund Knudsen, AU’s Information Security Manager.

At the attack, the attackers will potentially have gained access to data on the users of AU Evacuate. For employees, this data covers ordinary personal data; name, telephone number, email address and AUID.

For the smaller group of visitors and students who are using AU Evacuate, the information covers name, telephone number and email address.

“We have no reason to believe that the attackers will have retrieved a copy of the data, as the attack appears to be an automated attack in which data is automatically encrypted and a ransom is demanded. However, unfortunately this cannot be ruled out,” says Ole Boulund Knudsen.

Since the incident, AU Evacuate has been out of service, but it will available again shortly. You will be informed as soon as the app is available.

Any questions?
If you have any questions about the incident or would like to know when the app will be available, please contact Aarhus BSS Building Services:

Team leader Jeannette Madsen
Tel.: +4587153541
Mobile phone: +4531157015

If you have any other questions, please contact AU’s Head of Press Affairs Anders Correll.
Tel: +4587152038
Mobile: +4528992235