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BSS talents to assist Novo Nordisk in Indonesia

On 11 December, students from BSS are to present a plan designed to help Novo Nordisk distribute insulin in Indonesia. They will be presenting the solution to managers and experts from Novo Nordisk.

[Translate to English:] Studerende fra BSS skal præsentere en plan for, hvordan Novo Nordisk kan udbrede insulin i Indonesien.

On 22 November this year, 30 students from diverse backgrounds from the School of Business and Social Sciences took part in the Novo Nordisk “Innovation in Action” competition – a workshop centred on a business case drawn from the real world. On 11 December, the winners will be presenting their idea to managers and experts from Novo Nordisk.

The theme for the workshop this year was “Creating Partnerships and Shared Value in Indonesia”, and the winning team from BSS was “The Diavocals”, who developed a solution whereby Novo Nordisk’s insulin products are to be included in the Indonesian public sector “insurance packages” as from 2014. Insulin is expensive for a great many people in Indonesia, and the solution is designed to make it more readily available to Indonesian diabetics in the future.

“The groups with the best results made constructive use of their differences, drawing on their disparate skills in the fields of medical science, communication, technology and business acumen, as well as on their different cultural backgrounds,” explains Annemarie Meisling, Director in Executive Support in Corporate Sustainability at Novo Nordisk.

The solution from the winning group taps into an area with appreciable potential, and may therefore have a major impact on the Novo Nordisk strategy in Indonesia.

A foot in the door for talents
In addition to the case competition itself, the workshop is used to highlight special talents, explains Sebastian Kierulff Page, Sourcing and Recruitment Manager at Novo Nordisk.

“It gives us the chance to make contact with the young talents in a more proximate and interactive manner than simply using our usual recruitment channels. Moreover, it allows us directly to identify and initiate dialogue with those talents we consider particularly interesting,” he continues.

Last year, five participants from the workshop were accepted onto different graduate programmes, so there is plenty of motivation for the students.

“I would love to work for Novo Nordisk. I’m really interested in diversity and sustainability, and I get the impression that these are concepts that mean a lot to Novo Nordisk,” says Friederike Hettinger, an exchange student from Germany.

Facts about Innovation in Action 2012 at the School of Business and Social Sciences

- At the workshop, the students played a specially designed board game, took part in creative brainstorming sessions, and were presented with a case by experts from Novo Nordisk. They were given just six hours to prepare a specific proposal, ready for immediate implementation.

- The composition of the groups was decided by Novo Nordisk, and one of the requirements was that they were to represent the same diversity as the company stands for.

- Novo Nordisk will be holding another Innovation in Action event next autumn. To find out more, visit or log onto Facebook and go to ‘Novo Nordisk Student Opportunities’.

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