Collecting information on collaboration with companies/organisations

For full-time students on their Master's degree programme, as well as students at BDE and GMM who are registered for the Master's thesis or a project-based internship in the spring semester 2021.


Aarhus University (AU) wants to strengthen your career prospects through Master’s theses and project-based internship in close collaboration with private and public companies/organisations. In order to reach this goal, we need to collect information on the companies/organisations, that you as a student collaborate with.

If you are registered for a Master’s thesis or for a project-based internship, where you will be working with a private or public company/organisation in the spring semester of 2021, you have very recently received a short form (takes only two minutes to complete) in your AU mailbox. The form consists of a few questions regarding your collaboration with the company/organisation. If you are writing your Master’s thesis without collaboration with a company, you just have to answer the questions regarding confidentiality and the possibility of publication at the Royal Library.

We encourage you to clarify questions by visiting the 5 info pages below. Here you can find answers to frequently asked questions and more information regarding master’s theses and project-based internship:

1.       Main page:
2.       Information regarding Master’s theses:
3.       Information regarding project-based internships in close collaboration with private and public companies/organisations:
4.       Frequently asked questions regarding the form: FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions (
5.       Information regarding logon:

Questions regarding the form can be placed on the pages above.

We wish you the best of luck with your project-based internship or your Master’s thesis.

Thank you in advance for helping us!

Best Regards

Aarhus University

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