International beacons to guest lecture on engineering design

Professor Louis L. Bucciarelli from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Professor Byron Newberry from Baylor University will guest lecture at AU Herning on Tuesday 18 September on the job of a design engineer.

2012.09.14 | Andreas Glenstrup Jensby

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On Tuesday 18 April, the new master students of engineering at AU Herning will get the opportunity of meeting two of the beacons within engineering science, engineering design, engineering philosophy, engineering ethics and STS, when professor Louis L. Bucciarelli from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston and professor Byron Newberry from Baylor University, Waco, Texas pay a visit to AU Herning.

Both Louis L. Bucciarelli and Byron Newberry are qualified aviation and aerospace engineers and both interested in building bridges between ‘the two cultures’. The lecture will thus first view the engineering design process from a traditional textbook perspective and will then be challenged from a philosophical and ethnographical perspective.

The guest lecture will form part of the first part of the course Theory of Science and Methodology, which primarily focuses on engineering design and engineering knowledge, or as the title of one of the texts used in the course by Walter G. Vincenti more accurately suggests: ”What engineers know and how they know it”.

The lecture will be held on Tuesday 18 September from 8.30 to 10.30 at AU Herning in room 2053. Other interested parties are welcome to participate.

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