Student parties at AU Herning are suspended indefinitely

As a result of the party at AU Herning on Friday 25 February, future parties at Birk Centerpark 15 are so far suspended.

Now, the management at AU Herning has to create an overview of the damage that occurred in connection with the party, how the damage can be repaired, and at what cost.

At the same time, the management at AU Herning will have to develop new guidelines for the requirements applying when AU Herning sublets the buildings for extracurricular activities. When the guidelines are approved by the management at Business and Social Sciences in Aarhus, the possibility for future parties at AU Herning can be discussed with the Party Committee.

In connection with the suspension of parties at AU Herning, it is important to understand the following:

  • The Danish University and Property Agency owns the buildings that AU Herning rents
  • The buildings are intended for teaching and research - social events must not have a negative influence on these activities
  • AU Herning cannot sublease the buildings for activities which may potentially damage buildings, installations, etc., and which is an inconvenience to the daily teaching and research
  • AU Herning is primarily funded by tax payments, and the tax payers’ money are not meant to cover repairs and damage after parties at AU Herning

The Friday Bar will naturally continue as usual

The Friday Bar at AU Herning has nothing to do with the party on Friday 25 February. Therefore it is important to emphasize that the Friday bar continues as usual.

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