Students have established a Networking Lounge at AU Herning

At AU Herning, a Networking Lounge has been established for students. The project is a result of a survey of the study environment at Aarhus University, which has provided AU Herning with some funding to improve the study environment.

2012.02.23 | Winnie Axelsen

Students at AU Herning's new Networking Lounge.

The money for the improvement of the study environment at AU Herning has been spent on a Networking Lounge for the students. According to Jan Laursen, Vice Director and Head of Education, AU Herning has chosen to emphasise that the funding should go to a project that could contribute to the integration of foreign students. The lounge also supports AU Herning’s aim to increase the range of social activities after regular class hours.

- The new Networking Lounge has been of great benefit to the study environment as well as the integration here at AU Herning. It has clearly had a positive effect, and it has been worth every penny, says Jan Laursen.

Lounge for and by students

The students at AU Herning have been involved throughout the entire process of establishing the lounge. The idea for the lounge is the result of a competition to improve the study environment, in connection with which the students themselves came up with specific suggestions.

Voluntary ICM students from AU Herning have been responsible for decorating the new Networking Lounge. The renowned illustrator, Javier Aguilar, who makes illustrations for El Pais, La Vanguardia, Los Angeles Times, Washington Post and Le Monde, visited the students at AU Herning, and together they decorated the lounge. First, the students took lessons in illustration, and they gained insight into and inspiration from various street art artists. Subsequently, the new inputs were used in the decoration of the walls in the new Networking Lounge.

The lounge is a great success
Already now, the high level of activity in the new Networking Lounge indicates that the project has been a success. There are significantly more after-study activities for the students, who are very pleased with their new meeting place.

- The new Networking Lounge at AU Herning is a great initiative. I have been involved in the entire process, right from the emergence of the idea for decorating and arranging the room to the decision to use the lounge in connection with various events, such as debate club, movie nights, dinner club, etc. There is a positive atmosphere, and we see great potential in the lounge, says Vaida Pakulyte, international ICM student at AU Herning.

Workshop in AU Herning's Networking LoungeThe room has both an academic and a social function. During the day, it serves as an area of study for students, but it is also used for movie nights, cultural events, teaching in connection with the library, lectures, alumni events and so on.

Many of the events have been launched on the basis of the abovementioned competition, in connection with which the idea for the Networking Lounge emerged. The whole project of establishing the lounge has been supported by a dedicated member of the technical and administrative staff, who was responsible for the coordination of the project and the ongoing dialogue with the students throughout the entire process.