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The departmental structure is now in place

The work to determine BSS’ departmental structure is complete. The process has given way to a minor reorganisation, which, among other things, entails new initiatives towards consolidating the collaboration surrounding the degree programmes, more focus on BSS’ external profiling and implementation of sections within the major departments.

The demanding and complicated process that has taken place over the past five months is now complete. Throughout the development process, employees and students from all departments have contributed constructively to the work, and ahead awaits the implementation of the department structure and the other initiatives included in the proposal.

At BADM and ECON, a consultative referendum has been held, giving the employees a chance to vote on their preferred department structure variant. The faculty management team recommended variant 1, and the result of the referendum showed that the employees were divided into two groups of almost equal size, cf. ’Aarhus BSS – Consultative Referendum – Final results’.  On this basis, the faculty management team’s final proposal recommended to the senior management team that variant 1 be adopted.

“Within the faculty management team, we acknowledge that this has been a long and difficult process, which has given way to a lot of discussions and may have created rifts among  colleagues. We are, therefore, very pleased to have reached a decision and to have seen so many employees and students involved and contribute to consolidating the process and the result. 

The next step is to start establishing the various forums and implementing the changes, and we hope that we can all work together towards establishing a business school that will provide the best conditions for the further development of our study programmes and research,” says Dean Svend Hylleberg on behalf of the faculty management team. 

On Wednesday, 28 January, the university senior management team approved the new department structure. The adjustments to the existing structure and accompanying initiatives will be as follows (cf. ’Aarhus BSS – department structure’ of 17 December 2014):

Minor reorganisation of the current BADM and ECON
The organisation of BADM and ECON will be adjusted according to variant 1. The purpose of variant 1 is to eliminate the duplication of disciplines that currently exist within the two departments and strengthen the synergies among faculty in offering the educational programmes. The two departments will be called Department of Marketing and Management (MM) and Department of Economics, Logistics and Finance (ELF).  

Section structure
A formal section structure will be implemented within the major departments with a view to creating meaningful academic units and enable decision-making closer to the employees involved. 

Study Programme Panels
Study Programme Panels will be established for each study programme with a view to ensuring the involvement of a wide group of senior faculty members in programme planning and development. The Study Programme Panels are meant to supplement and contribute to discussions within the boards of studies, which will continue to hold the formal responsibility for the development of the study programmes. With regards to programmes where the main responsibility is shared between two or more departments, the panel consists of faculty from all departments involved.  

Core Business Committee
A Core Business Committee (CBC) will be established, consisting of the dean (chairman) and heads of the relevant departments (currently the Department of Business Administration, the Department of Business Communication and the Department of Economics and Business). The CBC will be responsible for promoting the business-related activities externally and for coordinating programme collaborations internally. 

Some departments will have to be relocated. The Department of Business Administration will join the Department of Economics and Business at Fuglesangs Allé, and the Department of Business Communication will move to Bartholins Allé. The relocations are expected to take place in early 2016. 

New branding initiatives
New branding initiatives will be launched, including an adjustment of the school’s abbreviated name to Aarhus BSS and a new logo, with a view to increasing the visibility of Aarhus BSS’ departments and study programmes. 

Change in the English names of two departments
The English names for the Department of Political Science and Government and AU Herning will be changed to the Department of Political Science and the Department of Business and Technology respectively. The Department of Psychology and Behavioural Sciences, the Department of Law and the Department of Business Communication will keep their names. 

The next steps in the process
All changes are expected to be completed by the end of the spring semester 2015, except for the relocation process. Go to to stay up-to-date on the process.

As is evident in the faculty management team’s proposal of 17 December, it is very important also to include the students in the Study Programme Panels’ discussions of major changes in the study programmes. Furthermore, it is also important to further strengthen the school’s external relations, e.g. by appointing a vice-dean to be in charge of this field and be part of the Core Business Committee. In the months to come, it will be decided how to ensure student involvement and how to further strengthen the school’s external relations.

Read the faculty management team’s decision regarding the department structure 

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