freemover is a student, who studies for one semester at an institution outside Aarhus BSS exchange agreements. The term freemover is mostly a European term. Other terms used: Study Abroad (i AUS/NZ), non-degree student (USA/ASIA), guest student and visiting student.

Freemovers organise their Study Abroad semester individually and with limited help from the Aarhus BSS International. Often, it is possible to go through an agent. Agents work commission-based for one or several universities abroad and can facilitate your freemover semester.

What do I need to be aware of?

You must be prepared to invest even more time and energy into the preparation as all contact to the host university must be made by you yourself.

You are responsible for seeking all relevant information (both practical and academic) yourself. 

Some universities do not accept freemover students.

In most cases you have to pay tuition fee to the foreign university in order to be admitted. Aarhus BSS does not have any funding to help pay for tuition fees etc. You can apply for Udlandsstipendium to help cover the tuition fee at the host university, if you are eligible for SU.

How do I get started?

You should start planning your freemover stay as early as possible – often up to a year in advance. You might have to apply to the university even before the Aarhus BSS Study Abroad deadline.

When choosing a freemover university, consider criteria like geography, academic quality and most of all the selection of courses in order for you to be able to fit it with the Aarhus BSS study programme.

How do I apply for a freemover position?

Contact the foreign university and/or search their website for deadlines, application procedures, admission criteria, housing possibilities and available courses. Find out how much you have to pay in tuition fee.

Make sure that the host university is aware that you apply outside of an exchange agreement, and that you are not planning to take a full degree.

It is a VERY GOOD idea to get together with other freemover students in groups (regardless of country and university you are going to) and help each other gather information and complete applications.

Pre-approval of courses

You can start applying for pre-approval of courses once you have received your letter of admission from your host university. Only students who are applying for a freemover study abroad to a university where no former students from the same study programme has studied abroad before are allowed to apply for pre-approval of courses prior to receiving the admission letter from the host university.

If you are  eligible for Danish SU and applies for the SU Study Abroad Scholarship to pay tuition abroad, you must attach your pre-approval of courses to your application for the SU Study Abroad Scholarship.

Udlandsstipendium / SU Study Abroad Scholarship

Students who are eligble for receiving Danish SU for their studies are also eligble to apply for the SU Study Abroad Scholarhip if they pay tuition for their studies abroad. Learn more about SU Study Abroad Scholarship.