Special exam conditions

If you suffer from physical or psychological impairments such as dyslexia, certain mental disorders, neurological disorders, physical disabilities, visual difficulties or hearing difficulties, you may apply to the board of studies for permission to take part in the exam under special conditions. You may, for example, apply for extra time or for permission to use special aids in the exam.

The purpose of allowing for special exam conditions is to place students with disabilities or with other mother tongues than Danish on an equal level with other students in the exam situation. Special exam conditions thus never affect the actual level of the exam.

To be allowed to participate in the exam on special conditions, you are normally required to be able to document your special need; e.g. via a statement from the Counselling and Support Centre, a doctor’s certificate or a statement from a psychologist. In this connection, it is important to stress that documentation for your impairment represents a significant prerequisite, but is not a guarantee for the university to grant you permission to take the exam on special conditions. Ultimately, the board of studies decides whether you need special exam conditions in the specific exam in order to be on an equal level with other students taking the same exam.


Applications for special exam conditions should be submitted in good time before the exam, to be certain that you receive the response before your exam. Read more about the processing time.

If you need to apply for a dispensation in connection with the reexaminations, please make sure to send in your application by no later than the deadline for registration for reexaminations

Due to the summer holidays there will only be staff for emergency preparedness in July. Only applications pertaining to reexams will be handled, if it was not possible to send them in before the deadline, due to special circumstances.  

Please make sure to check you E-box regularly, as the board of study’s decision may be sent to you until the day before the reexam.

Remember, if you have received a dispensation for extended time at the ordinary exams, it will also be stated here, if this also applies to the rexams. We therefore recommend that you read the decision carefully and follow the instructions given here.