Pre-assessed courses

List of previously assessed courses for inspiration

When you wish to take courses abroad, at other universities or other degree programmes at AU, you must apply for pre-approval of the course(s). Below you will find a list of previously assessed courses which you can be inspired by. On the list, you will be able to find both previously approved and non-approved courses.

The list shows preliminary assessments made within the past three years.    

The list is for inspiration only. This means that it is not a guarantee that your application for a pre-approval for a course on the list will be granted.  

Guide on how to search for courses in the list

1. Open the list via the link below.

2. Find your degree programme in the green column under "AU Programme". Use the 'Filter' function by clicking on the triangle in the right-hand side of the column.

3. In the same way you can filter and search for the other criteria on the sheet:

  • Blue column: Details of the previously assessed courses
  • Yellow column: The Academic Assessment

The list is updated regularly.