Master's Information Meeting

Are you uncertain about your choice of a master’s degree programme? It's natural to feel doubt when facing a big decision, and you're not alone. When choosing a master’s degree programme, you have to make many choices and consider numerous possibilities.

Participate in the Master's Information Meeting on Thursday, February 1st, and gain insights into which master's programs you should apply for admission to.

Get help with your choice of studies

You need to make many decisions and considering numerous possibilities when choosing a Master's degree programme. Here are some help on how to get closer to a clarification regarding your choice of a master's degree program. Below are some questions you can ask yourself:

  1. What am I interested in?
  2. What were my favorite subjects from my bachelor's degree?
  3. In which industry do I want to work?
  4. What skills do I need?

What else can you do?

In addition to the questions above, you can also:

Program for Master's Information Meeting

The introduction presentations will take place in lower S-building (2610) from 13:15 - 14:00. The individual presentations for each master programme will be available afterwards.

13:15-13:30: Welcome by Director of Studies Lars Esbjerg
Introduction to the programme of the day

13:30-13:45: Presentation by the Admissions Office
Applying for admission to a Master's degree programme

13:45-14:00: The Student counsellors
What to consider when choosing a Master's 

14:15-17:00: Presentations and information about each Master's degree programme
3 rounds (see below)

17:00-18:00: Fair in upper S-building (2610)

Meet and ask questions to the academic programme coordinators, Master's degree students, the student counsellors and The Admissions Office.

Program for presentations

Master's degree



1st round:
14.15 – 15.00

2nd round
15.15 – 16.00

3rd. runde
16.15 – 17.00

17.15 – 18.00

Revision - cand.merc.aud. (Danish) 


Presentation X X X X

Erhvervsøkonomi-erhvervsret - cand.merc.(jur.) (Danish) 

2636-U217 Presentation X
Marketing Analytics and Strategy 2636-U116 Presentation X X X X
Strategic Value Chain Management  2636-U112 Presentation X X X X
Commercial and Retail Management 2636-U111 Presentation X X X X
Strategy, Organisation and Leadership 2636-U117 Presentation X X X X

Finance and International Business

M1 Presentation X X X X
Digital Business Management 2636-U113


Innovation Management 2636-U114 Presentation X X X
International Business   2628-M104 Presentation X X X X
International Economic Consulting


Presentation X X X X

Management Accounting and Control

2636-U115 Presentation X X X X
Business Intelligence M2 Presentation X X X X
Operations and Supply Chain Analytics 2628-M105 Presentation X X X X


2628-M102 Presentation X X X X

IT, Kommunikation og Organisation (ITKO) (Danish) 

2636-U213 Presentation X X X X
Cand.soc. med tilvalg 2636-U216 Presentation X X

Cand. Soc. in Business Innovation

2636-U114 Presentation X X
Cand. Soc. in Business Psychology 2636-U215 Presentation X X X X

Sino Danish Center

Denmark-China Collaboration

Double degree in "Public Management and Social Development"


"Innovation management"

2636-U211 Prenentation X X X

The Student Counsellors' Office


Apply for admission

You will find the necessary information on how to apply for a Master's programme at Aarhus University at Aarhus University's website:

  • How to apply for admission.
  • Application deadlines and important dates.
  • Your options if there are specific conditions that apply to you.

Find your way

Are you unsure how to get to the Candidate Open House? Use Aarhus University's campus map or download the app AU Find to locate building 2610, where the Master's Information Meeting takes place.


Who can assist me if I need guidance on choosing a master's program?

Contact the The Student Counsellors' Office.

Who can help me if I have questions about registration deadlines, documentation, etc.?

Contact The Admission office.