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2013.03.27 | Students

ICal shows the wrong time

When using iCal to transfer the personal timetable to your personal calendar, the time for the classes shifts one hour forward.

2013.03.08 | Students

All IT systems down at AU Saturday the 16th March

Due to extensive system work and updating, all the university’s IT services will be unavailable on Saturday 16th March.

2013.04.08 | Students

An Entrepreneural Summer

This July, master students from all of Denmark, have the opportunity to participate in a new interdisciplinary entrepreneurial course, which combines the most recent insights from psychology, identity theory, and creativity research with the latest entrepreneurship education research. This summer, the course will take place at Aarhus University,…

2013.03.04 | Students

Letter threat against university buildings at Taasingegade was a false alarm

The letter threat against buildings at Taasingagade was a false alarm. This is the conclusion reached by East Jutland Police after searching the entire area and the buildings.