Aarhus BSS – an important part of the new University City

Aarhus University has just announced one of the most significant development plans in the history of the university. And Aarhus BSS is an important part of this plan.

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The plan proposes that during 2022-24, the Department of Management and the Department of Economics and Business Economics will relocate from Fuglesangs Allé to the University City, which is the new name given to the area formerly occupied by Aarhus Municipal Hospital.

This is an emotional decision but also a sensible one. It is an emotional decision because for 50 years Fuglesangs Allé has been home to the former Aarhus School of Business, which became part of Aarhus University in 2007.

However, I believe that it is also a sensible decision – and one that is supported by a unanimous faculty management team at Aarhus BSS.

We are currently experiencing a considerable lack of space at Fuglesangs Allé where we have trouble housing all of our employees and offering our staff and many students ample and up-to-date research and teaching facilities. By relocating to the University City, we will be able to solve these problems, not least because the relocation will allow us to make better use of the buildings on both sides of Nørrebrogade. And the many new students and faculty members from Fuglesangs Allé are probably going to enjoy and contribute to a lively and inspiring central campus.

The plan is to gather Aarhus BSS in the northeast corner of the University Park and in the spaces and buildings located directly opposite in the University City. These two areas will be joined by two tunnels under Nørrebrogade.

Not only will this allow us to make better use of the buildings, but just as importantly, it will also contribute to consolidating and promoting collaboration between the school’s departments. Collaboration that offers great potential in a number of fields.  

In addition, Aarhus BSS will be located at the very heart of Aarhus University, and I hope that this will serve to promote and inspire further collaboration between the faculties.

Our new surroundings in the University City should also provide us with even better opportunities to maintain and extend our relations with society and the business community. These are relations that have been a core part of the DNA at Fuglesangs Allé and from which both Aarhus University and Aarhus BSS have benefitted and learnt a great deal.

The main outline of the development plan is now in place. Now we need to establish the details of the plan, and all employees and students are invited to take part in this process.

I hope that many of you will accept this invitation. It is not every day we get the opportunity to have such a crucial say in the development of the university.


Here you can find out more about the new campus and submit your suggestions. AU has also developed a website devoted to the new campus. The full English version of the website is under way. 

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