Handing in your Bachelor Thesis 1 May 2014

Dealine for handing in the bachelor thesis is May 1st at 2.00 pm

2014.04.29 | Michael Mejlgaard Udby

You must register and upload your thesis in: pure.au.dk/portal-asb-student/ (theses@asb)

REMEMBER to print the registration receipt!

When you hand in your thesis you should enclose:

  • a copy of the registration receipt from theses@asb
  • 2 printed copies of your thesis (3 if you have twoadvisors)
  • 2 filled in copies of the “Form for handing in of thesis”

You thesis will not be accepted without the registration receipt.

If you wish to get a receipt for handing in your printed copies, then you have to bring one yourself and then ask for it to be signed.

The thesis can be handed in at the Registrar’s Office - Tåsingegade 3, building 1443, room 021, 8000 Aarhus C. until Wednesday 30 April 2014, no later than 14.00.

On the 1 May 2014 from 8.00-14.00 the hand in will take place in Tåsingegade 3,  building 1443, room 021, 8000 Aarhus C.

Kind regards,
The Registrar’s Office