Have you downloaded AU Evacuate?

Receive emergency alerts in cases of evacuations or other critical situations at Aarhus BSS via AU Evacuate. The app now covers all of Aarhus BSS, so download it from App Store or Google Play.

2018.02.23 | Tenna Eliasen

Want to know more about why or how you should download the app?
We have produced a video that tells you a bit more about AU Evacuate. Watch it here.

When will the app be used?
The app will be used to send out emergency alerts in critical situations where specific buildings need to be evacuated or where other critical circumstances require that a message must reach everyone in a specific area as fast as possible. The app will also be used in evacuation drills.

The evacuation app has just been updated and now covers all of Aarhus BSS in Aarhus: buildings 1320-1415, buildings 1440-1444, buildings 1446-1447 and buildings 2610-2641.

We recommend that you download (or update) the app in App Store or Google Play (Android). In this way, you will receive emergency alerts for your most frequented areas at Aarhus BSS, Campus Aarhus.

Want to know more about the app?:
AU Evacuate is a supplement to AU’s existing emergency response concept. Read more about the app and emergency response at studerende.au.dk/beredskab.