New political agreement about the Study Progress Reform - Same target, other means

What does the political agreement on the Study Progress Reform mean for students at Aarhus BSS?

The government has reached an agreement on an adjustment of the Study Progress Reform that was passed in 2013.

The political agreement consists of six initiatives:

  1. Repeal of the compulsory registration for 60 ECTS per academic year.
  2. A possibility for the universities to determine a continuous study activity requirement.
  3. A possibility for the universities to implement continuous graded tests and presentations.
  4. A possibility for the universities to grant exemptions from the compulsory course registration, if the applicant is an entrepreneur or chairperson of a voluntary youth organization.
  5. Academically relevant credit transfers when changing programs
  6. Better possibilities for supplementary courses when applying for a Master’s degree programme.

Fundamental for the agreement is that the national target of a reduction in average completion time of 4.3 months (4.6 months at Aarhus University) towards 2020 is maintained. However, the agreement leaves it to the universities to a much larger extent to interpret the rules. Thus, the target is the same, but the means might differ.

It is important to be aware that while the compulsory registration of 60 ECTS may be repealed, it is still necessary to maintain a reduction in the average completion time. Therefore the government has introduced the possibility of universities requiring the students to pass up to 45 ECTS per year.

What happens now
Once the wording of the Act is final, Aarhus University will decide how to interpret the revised legislation in order to meet the requirement for reduction in completion times. There is no indication when the final wording is expected to be ready.

For you as a student this means:

  • Exemptions, course registrations, and exam registrations are still valid – and will be in  the autumn 2015 and the spring 2016 semesters.
  • The current rules, and interpretations thereof, applies until you receive formal notice of otherwise
  • Contact your student counsellor if you have questions pertaining to exemptions or the planning of your studies

News about the Study Progress Reform will be distributed widely and via your study portal.

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